Dipkar in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam –Thursday morning is a busy time for DIPKAR members. We are up to our ears in preparing, processing and packaging free meals for the needy people in An Phu and Binh Trung Dong Ward (District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam). From 9am to 11am, we provide over 230 food rations under DIPKAR’s “Food for the Poor” program to poverty-stricken, disabled, and elderly people without caregivers; or poor immigrants, etc.

Ms. Kim Thoa is one of those receiving free meals from DIPKAR. She lives on a slum in District 2, and barely makes ends meet with wandering the streets selling lottery tickets. She says: “I’m so grateful. The food is very good. A sick elderly couple living nearby are frequently in need of food. Meals provided here does help them out much with their struggling lives. I hope this meaningful program will reach out to more unfortunate people just like me”.

The wish to share our compassion and love with the needy through free meals is the main reason we – DIPKAR members – has launched the “Food for the Poor” program the first and foremost. “The cook team consists of 9 members, from different family backgrounds, but sharing one common thing: compassion and love for the least privileged. That is why we are all here every Thursday morning preparing meals, helping the poor. We hope the donors will continue helping us with this program”, says Ms. Nguyen Thi Mai Quynh, person in charge of food processing at DIPKAR’s “Food for the Poor” in An Phu Ward and Binh Trung Dong Ward.

The total cost of over 230 food rations is more than VND3,5 million (US$160) including food raw materials, rice, utilities bills (gas, electricity, and water), and other expenses. Thanks to benefactors who are DIPKAR members, and other outside donors that keeps our program running. Mr. Le Van Hung, owner of a gas outlet in Cat Lai Ward, District 2. He is the sole gas supplier to our weekly program. DIPKAR’s “Food for the Poor” currently operates only in An Phu Ward and Binh Trung Dong Ward, District 2. We look forward to expanding our food relief program into other areas to extend our hands to more struggling people. Therefore, we need all of your assistance to continue on the journey of bringing love and compassion to the needy.

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