Thangkar Dechen Choling Monastic Institute

Situated in the Himalayan Mountain range in Nepal, Himalayan Foundation was founded by Venerable Khangser Rinpoche. The project of building, which will be a Monastic Institute will go by the name ‘Thangkar Dechen Choling Monastic Institute for Advance Buddhist studies and Meditation’.

The monastic institute will serve to benefit human beings from all walks of life and thus make the world a better place for every being. Basing this as the singular mission of this upcoming organization, the monastic institute will offer various curriculum in Buddhism for the ordained community (Buddhist monks) as well as the non-ordained (lay). All study programs, whether short term, diploma or degrees, will be affiliated with recognized universities.

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I. Study Programs for Buddhist Monks

In the monastic order, a master’s program in Buddhism usually takes over 20 years of rigorous studies. Dechen Choling Monastic Institute aims at abridging this age old study system in such a way that the monks graduate from the master’s program within 12 years.

Extensive methods, in total compliance with the prevalent +20 years of philosophical studies, will be implemented to train the monks to be future Buddhist scholars.

The main objective of the Dechen Choling monastic institute is to produce fully qualified monks who are well equipped and skilled in all aspects of Buddhist philosophy.

II. Study Programs for the Non-Ordained or Lay Community

Dechen Choling Monastic Institute will offer short term certificate programs, diploma courses and degree courses in Buddhism and Buddhist philosophy to anyone who are not ordained.

Retreat facilities will also be offered at this monastic institute. Retreats ranging from short 10 day retreats to elaborate longer retreats that may go up to 3 months or more, will be organized and facilitated.

Just so that nobody is bereft of the slightest understanding of teachings that they enroll to, translations of all teachings at Dechen Choling Monastic Institute will be made available in the major world languages.

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